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Purchase Numberjacks DVD for kids

All about Numbaerjacks-

Numberjacks is a children's television series for 4-5 year olds which is shown regularly on CBeebies and very rarely on BBC2 in the UK

Numberjacks helps young children develop early maths skills, knowledge and understanding whilst keeping them highly entertained with slapstick comedy and superhero thrills. The Numberjacks are ten small superhero numbers, 0-9, with 3, 4, 5 and 6 as our central characters.

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The Numberjacks go about their everyday lives inside their sofa until a call comes in from a real-life child Agent, who reports a problem that needs solving. One or two of the Numberjacks fly out on location to investigate. The Numberjacks have to work out how to put things right, and thwart the dastardly intentions of the Meanies. After much fun and adventure, and powerful thinking from agents and viewers or listeners, the Numberjacks win the day - till next time.
Numberjacks DVD has everything in detail some are the details of each characters:-
Numberjacks DVDZero is the baby of the numbers, and doesn’t do much.Zero is a bit special, sometimes turning things into nothing.Zero can line up to make bigger numbers like 10 and 100.
Numberjacks1 is still a very young number.1 doesn’t jump very much.1 can cause trouble by making one of things.
Numberjacks2 can be a little bit naughty.2 wants to be a big number but is still small.
Numberjacks3 says "Me me me!"3 is very confident - "I can do it!"3 is noisy and fun.3 has a box full of beautiful things.
Numberjacks4 gets a bit worried sometimes.4 is steady and always tries hard.4 likes to work the screens in the Control Room.
Numberjacks5 is quite grown up.5 is very good at thinking.5 is a good jumper.
Numberjacks6 likes to have fun.6 is a good jumper.6 says "Did the trick!"
Numberjacks7 loves the seven colours of the rainbow.7 loves painting.7 is a good singer.
Numberjacks8 is a good jumper.8 gets on very well with 4.8 is very kind.
Numberjacks9 is the biggest number.9 gets on very well with 3.9 likes to help people.
There are 45 fifteen minute programmes showing on CBeebies in the UK. The transmission times are now: on Cbeebies at 8.25 am and 5.00 pm on weekdays and 9.30 am and 3.30 pm on Sundays.
3, 4, 5, and 6 appear in all of the programmes, with Numberjacks 0, 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 making cameo appearances. The Meanies - Spooky Spoon, the Puzzler, the Problem Blob, the Numbertaker and the Shape Japer - each appear in about ten episodes. Every programme has an underlying mathematical concept.
The title, action and mathematical focus of each episode are: 1 The trouble with nothing 0 makes things disappear and 6 flies out to sort everything out. Zero 2 Going wrong, going long Things get longer thanks to the Problem Blob. 4 is on the way! Long and short 3 Sphere today, gone tomorrow The Shape Japer turns spheres into cubes - 6 has a scare on the marble run. Spheres and cubes 4 In, out, shake it all about Things that should be inside end up outside - 5 takes 3 out there to help sort the Puzzler out. In and out 5 One more time When 1 goes out alone there's one more of everything - 4 rides the railway to the rescue. 1 more than 6 Forward thinking The Problem Blob is back - and things go forwards and backwards. 6 hitches a lift. Forwards and backwards 7 Seven wonders 4 finds things add up to 7 when the Puzzler's about. Number bonds to 7 8 Getting heavy Spooky Spoon is making light things heavy - 5 and 3 fly out. Heavy and light 9 Belongings Things don't belong when Spooky Spoon mixes things up - another problem for 5! Grouping objects 10 4 he's a jolly good fellow The Numbertaker is taking all the fours he can find - will 4 escape his clutches? 4 and groups of 4 11 Boxing day Boxes go wrong when the Shape Japes plays tricks - but 6 can do the trick too! Cuboids 12 Out of order Spooky Spoon makes sure things are well out of order - until 5 sorts her out. Sequence 13 Nine lives The Puzzler has 9 trapped in a puzzle bubble - 6 and 3 to the rescue. Multiples of 3, square numbers 14 Takeaway Not just a few problems, lots of them - 4 makes the Numbertaker take more than he wants to. Subtraction 15 The Cuck-cuck-cuck-oo-oo-oo bird There's a pattern to the problems the Puzzler causes - and 5 has to break that pattern! Order and pattern 16 Stop and go Things don't move when they should - 6 has got to sort Spooky Spoon out. Moving and static 17 Off colour Spooky Spoon wants to be the most colourful character around - 4 is out to stop her. Grouping by colour 18 A game of two halves. The Shape Japer makes half a load of trouble, and 4 has to make things whole again. Half 19 Out for the count 2 is out and about and making everyone count wrongly - 6 is after her! Counting 20 The container drainer Everything is empty thanks to the Puzzler - 3 helps 5 to fill things up again. Empty and full 21 Tens Moments 1 and 0 get out and about and make ten of everything - 5 has got more work to do. 10 as two digit number 22 3 things good 3 is out on her own trying to do battle with the Shape Japer, who doesn't like things in threes. 3 and triangles 23 Say what you mean Be clear what you mean or the Problem Blob will make trouble for you, as 4 finds out. Accurate description 24 One won There's only one of everything, thanks to the Numbertaker - 6 sorts things with help from 1 Subtraction 25 Tricky sixes The Numbertaker likes two lots of three today - 6 is the Numberjack to sort him out. Number bonds to 6 26 May the fours be with you The Share Japer is after things that come in eights – 4 is on the mission. Number bonds to 8 27 Best estimate The Blob makes things go wrong when people can’t estimate – 5 to the rescue! Estimating 28 On and off Spooky Spoon is mixing things again – 4 is on the case. On and off 29 Zero the hero 0 to the rescue when just for once the Numberjacks are the problem, not the answer! Reciting numbers from 0-9 and 9-0 30 Bad circles Spooky Spoon is making bad circles – 6 is ready to sort her out! Circles 31 Famous fives The Puzzler sets the problem – and 5 is just the right Numberjack to sort it out! Number bonds to 5 32 Fair shares Things aren’t being shared fairly, thanks to the Problem Blob – 6 makes everything all right. Sharing 33 Being 3 The Numbertaker is taking threes today – but he can’t take Number 3! Things that come in 3’s. 34 Into the teens 1 and Zero get together to make 10 things – 4 has to sort out the chaos. 10 more than 35 Slide and turn The Shape Japer is moving things and causing problems – 5 goes out there. Slides and turns 36 Six of one The Problem Blob is making trouble with sixes – Number 6 to the rescue. Number bonds to 6 37 Time trouble Time passes very strangely – thanks to Spooky Spoon. 5 investigates. Time 38 1, 2, 3 go It’s 1 - 2 - 3 - pattern time! 3 battles with the Puzzler. Patterns of 1, 2, 3 39 More 4 The Shape Japer makes trouble with symmetry - 4 goes out there to sort things out. Symmetry 40 Almost Human The Problem Blob causes trouble – and 4 tries out being a human being! Representing numbers 41 Two four six eight The Numbertaker takes all the even numbers – 6 flies out to put things right. Multiples of 2 42 Round and round The Problem Blob has got people going round in circles – can 5 restore things to normal? Cyclic patterns 43 Square dancing The Shape Japer’s about – and 1, 4, and 9 sort out problems with squares. Squares 44 Data day Spooky Spoon is mixing things up – 3 is ready to take her on. Data and data recording 45 How? What? Check! 5 solves the problems caused by the Puzzler – and checks to make sure! Describing solutions